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Survival Game

Drake Hollow Review: Every Rose has its Thorn

Drake Hollow is a survival game, but its focus isn’t you versus the elements. It’s on caring for cute little plant creatures called Drakes, and they need your help to survive. If the task seems daunting alone, you can team up with up to three friends to care for the creatures.

Stranded Deep Console Review: My Life For Fiber

Stranded Deep is in an interesting position. It has been in Steam Early Access for quite some time and still is. The console versions of the game have an ending that the PC version lacks and it’s being sold as a finished product on consoles.

Ark Genesis Part 1 Review: Ark Revisited

I reviewed the base game, Ark Survival Evolved sometime ago. I’m bringing this up because it is very important for the context of this review. I’m not happy with my original Ark review and score. It happens, I’m not perfect and hindsight is 2020. Ark is one of my favorite games, I have numerous hours in it and I constantly go back to it. Yet I scored it low.

Citadel: Forged With Fire Review

Citadel is an online sandbox game similar in nature to games such as Ark Survival Evolved, Conan Exiles or Rust. In it, you play a freshly forged wizard or witch. You are free to pursue your path to mastery in whatever fashion you see fit. You can go it alone or create a wizarding house and invite some friends. No sorting hat required!