Moving Out: Movers In Paradise Review

I found the original Moving Out to be one of the more polished and mechanically cohesive party games to follow in the footsteps of the Overcooked titles. Movers in Paradise mostly just expands on the base game’s existing framework.

Marvel Champions: Quicksilver Hero Pack Review

Quicksilver has an interesting playstyle that can ironically be on the slow side with a decent bit of setup. The beauty of his design is that he never feels that way. There isn’t a dead card in his kit.

Primeval: Early Access Review

Primeval is an original board/wargame with a unique persistent progression system. Every player pieces together a domain from which to draw power.

Marvel Champions: Wasp Hero Pack Review

Wasp is the second hero to grace the game with a size-changing mechanic, though she functions quite differently than the previously released Ant-Man. The form swapping mechanic is neat, but a pain to sleeve with the giant sized card. Wasp is similar to Ant-Man, and Captain America in the fact that she does a little bit of everything.