Waking Review: A Heartfelt Mess

Waking is heartwarmingly beautiful conceptually and incredibly unique. You play as yourself more intimately than nearly any other game. You are in a coma and fighting within your own mind to wake up instead of giving in to death. This is accomplished by delving into your psyche and Waking will ask you many questions about yourself as you play.

Five More Game Demos You should check out in the STEAM GAME FESTIVAL SUMMER ADVENTURE PART Two

My crazy Steam Game Festival Adventure continues as I catalog my thoughts on five more demos that tickled my fancy. If you’re here, you should be at the Steam Game Festival instead, but check out my thoughts anyway. Maybe I can push you toward a particular demo. If the event is over by the time you read this then perhaps I can help you fatten up that wishlist. What’s on the game festival menu today?

Marvel Champions LCG Core Set Review

Marvel Champions is a cooperative living card game created by Fantasy Flight Games. If you don’t know, a living card game is like other major card games with one huge exception. There are no randomized card packs. Each box comes with a specific set of cards, there is no randomness, rarities, or second-hand market.

A message from Gideon’s Gaming

It is the year 2020, of all the issues the world and America have to deal with, it is incredibly disappointing that racism and police brutality is still one of them. The time for both to disappear is long overdue. The time to stick your head in the sand and pretend they don’t exist has also long passed.

10 Games Releasing In June 2020

Another month, another 10 games you might want to check out. As usual, I only list games with a set release date since it reduces the chances that they will be delayed after I publish the list. It can still happen though and I’ve included a bonus at the end of this article listing a few extra titles from previous lists that got their release dates moved to this month.

Total War: Warhammer 2 Review

Total War: Warhammer 2 is an incredibly massive game made even larger by an assortment of DLC. The game is played in two halves, the strategy map where you manage your empire, the city’s and units’ turn-based grand strategy style, and the real-time battles when two or more armies meet.

10 Games Releasing In May 2020

Even though May 2020 doesn’t really have any big-name games releasing. There are a shocking amount of good looking titles on the horizon. 10 is a magic number that folks seem to enjoy reading about but it was honestly difficult to choose which 10 to present when I was doing my research. As usual, I only chose games that have concrete release dates since those are the least likely to change after I publish this list.

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