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Crying Suns Review: Dark Space Rogue-lite.

Crying Suns is a tactical space rogue-lite inspired by games such as FTL. It was developed by Alt Shift. It is available on Humble Bundle and Steam. The Humble link […]

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GreedFall Review: Ambitious Diplomacy.

GreedFall is an open-world RPG developed by Spiders. It is available on Humble Bundle, Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Humble Bundle link is a referral, I get a […]

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Gears 5 Review: Lets COG it a day.

Gears 5 is third-person shooting game developed by The Coalition. It is playable in co-op and online multiplayer. Gears 5 is available on Xbox One and PC including game pass. Joseph Pugh conducted this […]

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A Video Game Review Score: What does it mean?

I’ve recently come back from an eleven-day vacation, so this means my reviews of certain titles are coming late. Iceborne, in particular, is a ways off. However, I often enjoy […]