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Aeon Of Sands The Trail Review

Aeon Of Sand The Trail is a dungeon crawling RPG developed by Two Bits Kid. It is available on Steam for $19.99. This review was conducted by Joseph Pugh. I’ve […]

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Gun Runners, RPG’s, and Patreon. An important message from Gideon.

You might not know this, but I’ve been a huge tabletop gamer for over a decade. Years ago I even ran DnD games as an official in-store dungeon master. Over […]

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Earth Defense Force Iron Rain Review:

Earth Defense Force Iron Rain is a third-person shooter developed by Yukes. It is available exclusively on PlayStation 4. This review was conducted on a standard PlayStation 4 console by […]

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Gaming Gideon’s Mish Mash, News, Reddit, Tabletop and Review backlash.

I’m running a little late on my reviews, nothing is wrong, it just happens sometimes, but there is generally always some mish-mash of subjects I can write about to stay […]