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Starfield Review

Starfield Review

Much like Fallout and the Elder Scrolls, there is a unity in its design that makes every individual mechanic connected. Not necessarily to each other. In fact, sometimes aspects of the game are frustratingly disconnected from each other in irritating ways. But they are a unified part of delivering the overall experience of playing a game where at any given point, you can play it your own way whilst encompassing your vision for your character. There may even be a term for it, something called, a role-playing game?

Rogue Angels Board game preview

Rogue Angels Board Game Preview

Sometimes an email lands in my inbox that uses just the right combination of words to immediately draw my attention and interest. One such combination is “What if Mass Effect was a board game?”.

It was like Sun Tzu Games had heard about my disdain of doing prototype previews and said “Hold my Krogan”. Like a siren’s song to a ship’s captain, I immediately changed course and beached myself amid the Rogue Angels universe.

Kryzyacy Knights of the Cross Review

Krzyżacy: Knights of the Cross Review

Knights of the Cross is a deck-building game loosely based on a historical novel written in the 1900s called Krzyżacy. I say loosely based because the game does follow the events portrayed in the books regarding Medieval Poland. However, It also features magic and busty elven women in string bikinis.

Exoprimal Tips & Tricks Guide

Exoprimal Tips & Tricks Guide

On the surface, Exoprimal might look like a mindless shooter, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. There’s actually a ton of nuance to its gameplay and a pretty high skill ceiling for each of its 10 exosuits. In fact, I could dedicate a separate guide to each individual exosuit. But you have to walk before you sprint headlong into the jaws of a T-Rex. So let’s get started with some tips and tricks to help your overall gameplay.