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SpaceShipped Review

SpaceShipped + Expansions Review

SpaceShipped is a solo card game about being a space merchant or trader. You travel from Planet to Planet, reacting to hazards, and upgrading your ship while attempting to buy low and sell high. All of this is stuffed into a tiny little 18-card game package.

Claw of Sauria Preview

Claw of Sauria Expansion Preview

I recently had the chance to review Sauria, a pretty freaking cool dinosaur survival board game. An expansion for the game called Claw of Sauria has already been funded on Kickstarter and met quite a few stretch goals.

The Hunger: High Stakes Review

The Hunger: High Stakes Review

With High Stakes, it’s time to sharpen your fangs because your free meal pass has been revoked. The villagers have hired vampire hunters to protect them, while hungry werewolves compete with you for the title of the alpha predator.

The Hunger Review

The Hunger Board Game Review

The Hunger is a competitive deck-building game where you compete with other vampires to earn the most points, usually by eating the most humans. The more you eat, however, the slower you get, and your joyful midnight jaunt could quickly turn into an uncomfortable gassy waddle.