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Marvel Champions Sinister Motives Review

Marvel Champions: Sinister Motives Review

The Mad Titan’s Shadow set high expectations for any big box expansion to follow. In many ways. Sinister Motives lives up to or even surpasses it in terms of quality design, but with one very large caveat. True solo play is dead. Not in the sense that you can’t play it, but the game is not attempting to support it in any way, despite what the box says.

Kaiju Wars Review

Kaiju Wars Review

Have you ever looked at Godzilla or King Kong and thought to yourself. “I wanna fight that?” Well then, it’s you’re lucky day. In Kaiju Wars, you are attempting to stop giant monsters from destroying the city. I say attempt because even when you “win” most of the buildings will look like an angry toddler’s box of lego.

Rise of Ix Review

Dune Imperium: Rise of Ix Review

Dune Imperium quickly took its spot among my favorite games due to its strategic depth, clever use of deck building, and strong solo mode. A common theme of board game expansions is to “fix” issues that the original game had. In my opinion, however. There wasn’t a lot to fix in Dune Imperium.

Drinks & Daggers Review

Drinks & Daggers Board Game Review

Out with the beer pong and in with drunken dragon slaying. Drinks & Daggers is a cooperative card game about smashing things while getting smashed. Literally, characters in the game are stronger when they are smashed.