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Mutant Genesis Review

Marvel Champions: Mutant Genesis Review

Although both Cyclops and Jean Grey were released at the exact same time as Mutant Genesis. It was truly up to the big box to jump-start the X-Men cycle. The X-Men have a large fan base, and of all the big box expansions, you could argue that Mutant Genesis was the most important one to get right.

Sauria Review

Sauria Boardgame Review

Jurassic Park was a cultural phenomenon that inspired a whole generation of Dinosaur fanatics, myself included. While there are plenty of Dinosaur-themed board games, most of them seem to revolve around building a theme park, rather than putting you into the shoes of surviving the aftermath of a failed one. Sauria, on the other hand, does exactly that.

Wizards of the Grimoire Review

Wizards of the Grimoire Review

With the unexpected death of the archmage, the book of spells requires a new keeper. There’s only one reasonable course of action for the archimages’ protégés to take. A duel to the death to determine who will take the archimage’s seat.

Madcap Mosaic Review

Madcap Mosaic Review

It’s distressingly easy to disregard any game with simplistic visuals. Steam has poisoned the well, so to speak. Take a gander at the new release page at any given time and your eyes will be assaulted by low-effort asset flips and a disturbing amount of hentai. The thing is, there are some gems buried in that rubbish, but few people are willing to shove their hands into that sewage to fish them out.