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Spider-Man 2 Review

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Review

On the surface, not a lot has changed with the follow-up to everyone’s favorite web-slinging game. You still swing around the city at breakneck speeds and gracefully beat up bad guys. Then like any other PlayStation exclusive, you consistently have segments of the game forcefully stuffing its “Cinematic Experience” in your piehole. This time, however, there’s a number two in the title and with it, two Spider-Men to swing around with.

Brass Empire Review

Brass Empire Review

Brass Empire is a head-to-head deck-building game where Steam Punk corporations compete to mine the most brass. However, this isn’t simply a matter of industrial prowess. The corporations have no qualms about sending soldiers and war machines to attack and destroy their competition.

Maximum Apocalypse & Gothic Horrors second edition review

Maximum Apocalypse & Gothic Horrors 2nd Edition Review

If you don’t know. Maximum Apocalypse is a co-op game about completing missions amid a variety of apocalypses that seem to occur all at once. Alien invasions, Vampire infestations, and Kaiju attacks are all on the table. It can played as part of a campaign or just some one-shot missions and features some of the easiest setup for that type of game I’ve ever seen. All without sacrificing the kind of depth I always hope for when I crack open a new game.

Frosthaven Review

Frosthaven Review

Frosthaven and to a lesser extent Gloomhaven are, in my opinion, some of the greatest board games ever made. Given the reputation of the Haven games and their board game geek rankings, that might not surprise you, but it certainly surprises me. It surprises me because there are a ton of core aspects contained in games like Frosthaven that completely rub me the wrong way. To the extent that I think they completely spit on some of board gaming’s fundamental values.