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Survival Game

Green Hell Review

Green Hell Review – The Second Worst Amazon

I used to think I could be on one of those reality show contests where you need to survive in the wilderness and are rewarded a bunch of money at the end. After playing Green Hell, I’ve changed my mind. I will continue being a hermit in my nice safe house, thanks.

Sheltered 2 Review

Sheltered 2 Review: Surviving Dumpster Diving

Sheltered 2 feels like an interesting combination of several other games. The Sims meets Rimworld with a healthy splash of Fallout Shelter and Oxygen Not Included. The result is something is that feels unique.

Ark Genesis Part 2 Review

Ark Genesis Part 2 Review: A Bitter Finale

This is the kind of review I hate writing the most. I’d rather praise games than crap on them, especially ones that are as dear to me as Ark is. I have more hours into Ark as a whole than any other game. It’s not even close. Heck, I’ve moved on from Genesis 2, but I’m still playing on another map right now.

The Survivalists Review: Ape Escapist

The Survivalists is an adventure survival game set in the same universe as the Escapist games. After becoming stranded on a set of mysterious isles, you must build, craft, and survive while looking for a means of escape.