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Marvel Champions

Marvel Champions Sinister Motives Review

Marvel Champions: Sinister Motives Review

The Mad Titan’s Shadow set high expectations for any big box expansion to follow. In many ways. Sinister Motives lives up to or even surpasses it in terms of quality design, but with one very large caveat. True solo play is dead. Not in the sense that you can’t play it, but the game is not attempting to support it in any way, despite what the box says.

Fixing Marvel Champions Part 3

Fixing Marvel Champions Part 3

Marvel Champions is a great game, but, it’s not always the most balanced game, and while it has improved as time goes on, some issues still exist. In part 1 of Fixing the Imbalance, I went over the basic philosophy behind the game’s issues and suggested simple tweaks for some of the weaker characters and a deck-building restriction to keep allies from overwhelming decks.

Fixing Galaxys Most Wanted

Marvel Champions: Fixing Galaxy’s Most Wanted

Galaxy’s Most Wanted was certainly a divisive box. It brought a lot of great stuff to Marvel Champions as a whole, but it’s undeniable that much of it was poorly balanced, especially at lower player counts.

Valkyrie hero pack review

Marvel Champions: Valkyrie Hero Pack Review

Valkyrie is a hero who can excel as a minion destroyer or tear the villain to shreds with a single-minded focus. She’s somewhat of an advanced hero, however, and it takes effort to make her shine. Her core ability revolves around her Death Glow, a set-aside card she can pay to attach to an enemy.