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Marvel Champions

Fixing Marvel Champions Part 3

Fixing Marvel Champions Part 3

Marvel Champions is a great game, but, it’s not always the most balanced game, and while it has improved as time goes on, some issues still exist. In part 1 of Fixing the Imbalance, I went over the basic philosophy behind the game’s issues and suggested simple tweaks for some of the weaker characters and a deck-building restriction to keep allies from overwhelming decks.

Fixing Galaxys Most Wanted

Marvel Champions: Fixing Galaxy’s Most Wanted

Galaxy’s Most Wanted was certainly a divisive box. It brought a lot of great stuff to Marvel Champions as a whole, but it’s undeniable that much of it was poorly balanced, especially at lower player counts.

Valkyrie hero pack review

Marvel Champions: Valkyrie Hero Pack Review

Valkyrie is a hero who can excel as a minion destroyer or tear the villain to shreds with a single-minded focus. She’s somewhat of an advanced hero, however, and it takes effort to make her shine. Her core ability revolves around her Death Glow, a set-aside card she can pay to attach to an enemy.

Vision Hero Pack Review

Marvel Champions: Vision Hero Pack Review

Vision is another new hero that can swap between unique forms similar to Spectrum and Ant-Man. A mechanic that is unique to Vision, however, is the fact that his form card can be swapped at will, once per round. And it’s also separate from his identity.