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Marvel Champions

Mutant Genesis Review

Marvel Champions: Mutant Genesis Review

Although both Cyclops and Jean Grey were released at the exact same time as Mutant Genesis. It was truly up to the big box to jump-start the X-Men cycle. The X-Men have a large fan base, and of all the big box expansions, you could argue that Mutant Genesis was the most important one to get right.

Marvel Champions Storm hero pack Review

Marvel Champions: Storm Hero Pack Review

Storm’s weather deck gives her a degree of board control rivaled only by the Sorceror Supreme. Each weather card affects every character in play, be they friends or foes. When she swaps weather cards using her Weather Control ability, they also activate a one-time effect.

Phoenix Hero pack Review

Marvel Champions: Phoenix Hero Pack Review

With great power, comes great responsibility. The phrase might cause you to think of Spider-Man, but it definitely applies to Phoenix. She is a hero capable of completely losing the game by unleashing her full power at the wrong moment. Phoenix switches between being Restrained and Unleashed. Both have benefits and drawbacks.

Marvel Champions Cyclops Hero Pack Review

Marvel Champions: Cyclops Hero Pack Review

Cyclops is intriguing because while he does have a solid hero kit, most of his power comes from deck building. Cyclops can take X-Men allies from any aspect when deck building, and that opens him up to all sorts of combinations that other heroes can’t have. The more X-Men that release, the more his options deepen.