Marvel Champions

Marvel Champions Ant Man Hero Pack Review

Ant-Man is the first hero to have two different hero forms. Flipping Scott Lang over reveals Ant-Man’s tiny form while unfolding the card brings forth his giant form in on an equally giant-sized card.

Marvel Champions The Rise of Red Skull Review

The Rise of Red Skull big box is finally here with a much-needed injection of scenarios. Covid has turned many things upside down. Including the Marvel Champions release schedule, we were supposed to have this box much earlier, and the absence of additional scenarios was sorely felt before now. Rise of Red Skull adds five new scenarios to the six currently existing in the games ecosystem.

Marvel Champions Hulk Hero Pack Review

The Hulk is an incredibly aggressive hero to the surprise of no one, he can deal out powerful attacks and take them in return. He has a whopping 18 hit points that can be augmented higher with Immovable Object. He starts with three attack, and his kit is mostly about doing what Hulk does best, smash.