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Marvel Champions

Sp//dr Hero pack Review

Marvel Champions: Sp//dr Hero Pack Review

Sp//dr is a true anomaly within the Marvel Champions sphere. Heroes with a hand limit of fewer than five cards are notoriously weak, and Sp//dr only gets three. To make matters worse, her alter ego only has a four-card hand. However, Sp//dr has some mechanisms beneath the surface that not only balances out her hand limit but can make her one of the most energy-efficient heroes in the entire game.

Marvel Champions Ironheart Review

Marvel Champions: Ironheart Hero Pack Review

Ironheart follows a playstyle similar to Ironman of building up a badass suit. Where Tony Stark assembles his suit piece by piece. Ironheart’s suit is fully functional, but she needs to upgrade it as the game progresses.

Nova Hero pack Review

Marvel Champions Nova Hero Pack Review

Nova has a large emphasis on wild resources, as they count as double when paying for most of his cards. However, Nova is also capable of generating a ridiculous resource-generating engine between his Helmet and Unleash Nova Force.

Marvel Champions Sinister Motives Review

Marvel Champions: Sinister Motives Review

The Mad Titan’s Shadow set high expectations for any big box expansion to follow. In many ways. Sinister Motives lives up to or even surpasses it in terms of quality design, but with one very large caveat. True solo play is dead. Not in the sense that you can’t play it, but the game is not attempting to support it in any way, despite what the box says.