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Earth Defense Force 5 Review

Earth Defense Force 5 Review: Epic Cheese!

Many years ago I played a game titled Earth Defense Force 2017. For its time, it had low-quality graphics, cheesy dialogue, a silly story, and it was an insane amount of fun to play. Now in 2018, I’ve got my hands on Earth Defense Force 5 and…well..not much has changed. Its graphics are still mostly poor. Its dialogue is over the top and cheesy and its story went past movie theaters and DVD and landed straight on the Sy Fy channel. But in spite of all of that, it’s a damn fun game to play

Kingdom Two Crowns Review: Get That Money

Kingdom Two Crowns is a life lesson in artistic form. What lesson does it teach? A couple of them in fact. Firstly, that mistakes can never ever be undone ever, seriously ever. Secondly, it doesn’t matter where you come from, what you have done or who you are. As long as you have boatloads of money!

Sector Six: Silhouetted Side-Scrolling, Explosive Depth

Sector six would be easy to dismiss as a run of the mill side scrolling shooter by looking at a few screenshots. But let me assure you, that would be a big mistake. Sector Six surprised me, Yes it’s a scrolling shoot ’em up and yes it was made by one person. But beneath the surface is a detailed game with a whole lot of unexpected depth.

Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden Review: What the Duck

Mutant Year Zero snags the DNA of tactical turn-based combat from X-Com, splices it with the stealth and exploration of adventure titles, and injects it in the embryonic egg of a linear story-based package. The result? A mutated beast with a unique identity, and severe irritable bowel syndrome.