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Warparty Review: Everybody Walk The Dinosaur

Traditional base-building real-time strategy games have been somewhat of a rarity the last several years. Warparty takes us back to the glory days of the genre but also plays it very safe. However, the game features dinosaurs, and I am probably the biggest sucker for those.

The Division 2 Full Review: The Definitive Looter Shooter

As I noted in my review in progress, I was very impressed with The Divisions 2’s gameplay, and not so much by its story. My biggest concern was whether or not the game would remain interesting due to the limited creativity of its setting. After reaching and playing some of the end game, I’m happy to report that it does.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Review In Progress

To say that The Division 2 is a big game would be an understatement. It is a long game packed full of content and Ubisoft went out of their way before release to showcase the end game. It’s an important aspect that many looter shooters have done poorly. With that in mind, I feel like rushing through the game as fast as possible simply to be the first in line with a review would be disrespectful to the game, to Ubisoft and most importantly, it is disrespectful to you, the consumer.

The Indiepocalypse

I’m not one for constant negativity and doom and gloom reporting. Yes, it gets clicks, but honestly, as a gamer, it’s exhausting when that is all you ever see. When I picked up the mantle of a game writer, I vowed to avoid that kind of easy click bait and bandwagon jumping. Frankly, between the hate tubers and constant controversy every single day, I stand out more just being myself because the market for negativity is already flooded. Be the change you want to see and all that good stuff.