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The Outer Worlds Review: It’s Not The Best Choice!

The Outer Worlds is a first-person shooting RPG with a huge focus on player choice. Your character has just enough background to get them started leaving with the player to dictate the rest. You choose their skills, dialogue choices and play style. What kind of company they keep, who to aid and who to give the middle finger.

GreedFall Review: Ambitious Diplomacy.

You play as De Sardet. The legate of the Merchant congregation. A phrase you are going to hear frequently. De Sardet is customizable in both appearance and abilities. The character features separate voice actors depending on what you choose. The voice talent in the game is fantastic, this is very important because the game is very dialogue-heavy.

Dungeon Master Tips, Tricks and House rules. D&D 5E.

Every Dungeon Master has a mile long scroll of things they would love to share, myself included. It’s important to note, there are very few objectively wrong ways to play D&D. The following is purely my opinion and how I run my games. Use them, abuse them or ignore them.

Aeon Of Sands Review: Retro Dungeon Crawling

I’ve never played a game like Aeon Of Sand. I’m am aware of the existence of the genre but never personally tried one. It’s best described as a choose your own adventure storybook, except you get to do some dungeon crawling as well. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into Aeon Of Sand, and I struggled at first, not with the game, but with my inexperience at playing this type of game. Once I found my sea…uh….sand legs. I could appreciate the appeal, however.