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Starfield Review

Starfield Review

Much like Fallout and the Elder Scrolls, there is a unity in its design that makes every individual mechanic connected. Not necessarily to each other. In fact, sometimes aspects of the game are frustratingly disconnected from each other in irritating ways. But they are a unified part of delivering the overall experience of playing a game where at any given point, you can play it your own way whilst encompassing your vision for your character. There may even be a term for it, something called, a role-playing game?

Wildermyth Review

Wildermyth Review: A Legendary Fable

Storytelling is an aspect of games that falls a little low on the list of things that matter to me. While I can enjoy a good story, I’d prefer it in a good book or movie. I like games, to be games first and foremost. Yet, there is one type of storytelling that I can’t resist, the kind that isn’t written yet.

Outriders Review: Enoch’s Anthem

Outriders is a third-person looter shooter that you can play in co-op with your friends as one of four super-powered classes on a foreign hostile planet. The planet itself is tainted by a mysterious anomaly that causes widespread disaster and mutates the wildlife. If that weren’t bad enough, several douchebag humans, go full human by being absolute bastards that you will also have to fight and…

Cyberpunk 2077 Review

Cyberpunk 2077: A Special Unscored Review

I’ll be handling my Cyberpunk review a little differently than normal. First of all, I won’t be scoring it. It will be the only game so far that I have left unscored. There are a couple of important reasons for this decision. First off, the last thing I want is a bunch of hate messages from people who scroll down to the score and miss all the context.