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For The King Review: The Tabletops Gone Rogue!

For The King succeeds at emulating a tabletop experience. It really feels like a cross between a detailed board game and a role-playing game such as Dungeons and Dragons with every advantage that a computerized system brings to its platform. You control up to three characters solo or you can divide up control of the party between yourself and two other players in local or online co-op.

Moss Destruction Review: A Potent Twin Stick Shooter

Moss Destruction is a neatly stylized twin stick shooter that was in steam early access for awhile. I gave it an early access look months ago before it was finished, at the time, it was selling for $4.99. The game was easy to recommend for that price. It has since had its full release and with it, the price has increased. So, is it still worth the money?

Genesis Alpha One Review: Epic But Rough Gameplay

The scale and variety of gameplay systems weaved inside of Genesis Alpha One is quite an undertaking for an indie game. It hits some serious high notes with me. Upfront, it is a game designed almost entirely to my own personal tastes. It is a roguelike with a deep layer of strategy and both, crafting and resource gathering play a central role in the game. At the same time, I feel like a lot of its potential is squandered over a couple of seriously head-scratching limitations. Strap on your space suits and buckle up, were about to get lost in space.

WoodPunk Review: Retro Roguelike Madness

WoodPunk feels like one of those games you nostalgically think fondly of two decades ago. After you rummage through an old cardboard box to find its cartridge, you blow in the back of it to be sure it works. Slam it into whichever old console occupies this metaphorical walk down memory lane, and. Unbelievably, it looks and plays even better then you remember. (Which never happens, nostalgia thickly coats one’s mind in a deceptive fog)