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Deep Sky Derelicts: Definitive Edition Review

Deep Sky Derelicts combines tactical card-based combat with free from procedural exploration, challenging difficulty and RPG elements. You create a team of three scavengers from several classes and use them to explore old space ship derelicts in search of scrap and data.

Noita Early Access Review: Noita Bad Game

There used to be several flash games called falling sand. They weren’t true games, they were closer to toys but they were still a ton of fun. They were physics-based and usually simulated various powders, liquids and gases and their effects on each other. Wood would burn, water would put out fires but the heat would turn it to steam for exampl

Bad North: Jotunn Edition Review

Bad North is a minimalistic and simple strategy game with fun and satisfying game mechanics. You control little squads of armed warriors on the run from an ever-approaching Viking tide. Your troops bounce from island to island on an overworld map and fight off hordes of Vikings to safeguard the houses on them.