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Roguebook Review

Roguebook Review

It’s difficult not to become excited over anything that involves cards and the name Richard Garfield. The creator of Magic the Gathering having a hand in Roguebook definitely sets some lofty expectations, especially given how many great games already exist within the genre.

One Step From Eden Review

One Step From Eden Review – Stepping Hard

One Step From Eden is a rogue-lite deck builder with a pretty significant twist. The game is played in real-time. You move around the small gridded battlefield dodging and slinging spells without the comfort of your enemies waiting their turn.

Slayers Inc Review

Slayers Inc Review: Risky Flattery

If Risk of Rain and Doom had a baby, it would probably look a lot like Slayers Inc. The game wears its inspirations on its sleeve, but I’d say it’s less of an imitation and more of a homage, especially to Risk or Rain.

Breach Wanderers Review

Breach Wanderers Early Access Review

Breach Wanderers allows you to edit your starting deck with the cards you have obtained as well as the pool of cards that can show up for you to choose during a run. This gives Breach Wanderers a pretty unique feel right out of the gate, despite the obvious influence of Slay the Spire.