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Breach Wanderers Review

Breach Wanderers Early Access Review

Breach Wanderers allows you to edit your starting deck with the cards you have obtained as well as the pool of cards that can show up for you to choose during a run. This gives Breach Wanderers a pretty unique feel right out of the gate, despite the obvious influence of Slay the Spire.

Fuzz Force Spook Squad Review

Fuzz Force: Spook Squad Review

Fuzz Force Spook Squad is a rogue-lite dice-building game about doing a little ghost-busting, and I gotta say. Busting makes me feel good! Deck builders are pretty common these days, though that’s not a complaint. I absorb card games like Google absorbs failed ideas.

Legend of The Keepers Review

Legend of Keepers Review: Villains of Might and Musk

Every gamer is used to raiding dungeons, slaying dragons, and walking away with a +1 hammer of cheek clapping. But have you ever wondered how the villain feels about you evading his traps, mud stomping his minions, and stealing his loot?