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Parkitect Review: Top Tier Theme Park Simulation

Parkitect puts you in the big comfy armchair of, well, a Parkitect. It’s up to you to design, run and manage a theme park of your own creation. You can do this via a campaign mode, or just by building your own park from scratch. Campaign mode has you creating a park in a variety of goal-oriented levels. You can also build one in a free play mode with a set of stock maps or ones you have unlocked from the campaign. If you are feeling particularly creative you can even make your own map and scenario.

Uagi-Saba: No Simulation Detected

Uagi-Saba is a strange combination of genres that is both charming and aesthetically pleasing, but somewhat shallow from end to end. In it, you are building a sanctuary to hold and care for ancient creatures known as Mystics. In practice, you are building a labyrinth of rooms from a 2D perspective, producing and spending resources and keeping inhabitants happy.

Battlefield V Review: Combat Evolved

Battlefield V is the next installment of the long-running Battlefield series. It is a game that has always focused on large-scale multiplayer warfare, mixing up infantry, armored and air combat in epic battles.

WoodPunk Review: Retro Roguelike Madness

WoodPunk feels like one of those games you nostalgically think fondly of two decades ago. After you rummage through an old cardboard box to find its cartridge, you blow in the back of it to be sure it works. Slam it into whichever old console occupies this metaphorical walk down memory lane, and. Unbelievably, it looks and plays even better then you remember. (Which never happens, nostalgia thickly coats one’s mind in a deceptive fog)