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Marvel Champions Ironheart Review

Marvel Champions: Ironheart Hero Pack Review

Ironheart follows a playstyle similar to Ironman of building up a badass suit. Where Tony Stark assembles his suit piece by piece. Ironheart’s suit is fully functional, but she needs to upgrade it as the game progresses.

Nova Hero pack Review

Marvel Champions Nova Hero Pack Review

Nova has a large emphasis on wild resources, as they count as double when paying for most of his cards. However, Nova is also capable of generating a ridiculous resource-generating engine between his Helmet and Unleash Nova Force.

Golfie Early Access Review

Golfie Early Access Review

Golfie combines mini-golf, deckbuilding, and rogue-lite elements into a single package of delightful frustration. Mirroring my real-life mini golf skills, I’m terrible at this game. Luckily in Golfie, there are no nearby cars or pedestrians to suffer from my poor aim and power control. The only victim is my own sanity.

Wonderlands War Review

Wonderlands War Board Game Review

Wonderland is the strangest of strange places. Where everyone is at least a little bit mad, or at least, they were. With the looking glass shattered, the denizens of Wonderland are now entirely sane, and that means war. Various leaders amass supporters and allies to aid in the struggle for control. However, the maddening shards of the looking glass permeate the world, corrupting those who come into contact with them.