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King of Seas Review

King of Seas Review: Drink Up Me Hearties Oh NO!

King of Seas has an arcade feel to its gameplay, although you still need to manage your sails, wind direction and point the shooty bits of your cannons the right way. But you also wield magical skills that allow your ship to launch fireballs, summon sharks and fire laser beams using mysterious voodoo. You can also have your crew pee on the cannons to cool them off, yes, that is actually a skill.

Space Otter Charlie Review

Space Otter Charlie Review: A Space Otterssey

I’m not usually the biggest fan of side-scrolling games, usually, because I don’t find the movement enjoyable. However that’s the very core of why I was Ottracted to Space Otter Charlie. There’s no walking at all, and you don’t jump, at least in the normal sense.

Destroy All Humans Review: The 2020 Alien Invasion

Destroy All Humans is actually a remastered version of the original game that released in 2005. It was rebuilt from the ground up and probed with enhancements, but it is still the same game. I never played the original, so I came into Destroy All Humans with a fresh perspective, for better or worse.