Chrono Ghost Time To Die: Platforming To Death.

Often times when I see someone describe a game as difficult, I tend to roll my eyes. One of my biggest gripes with gaming today is how easy and dumbed down many titles tend to be. Many of those games don’t even give me an option to change the difficulty. So when I saw people describe Chrono Ghost as very difficult, I was skeptical. Well, two hours into the game I had died 507 times (The game keeps track) consider me thoroughly humbled.

Warp Glider: Great Arcade Fun.

Warp Glider is an arcade game in its purest form. A simple concept that has a well-executed design which is addictive and fun to play. You control a glide craft and the goal is to collect as much energy as possible while avoiding obstacles such as meteors, black holes and a wide variety of enemy ships known as bandits. The more energy you collect in a single run, the more the game throws at you. If you crash and die, you start over in a true arcade fashion. No coins required though!

Parkitect Review: Top Tier Theme Park Simulation.

Parkitect puts you in the big comfy armchair of, well, a Parkitect. It’s up to you to design, run and manage a theme park of your own creation. You can do this via a campaign mode, or just by building your own park from scratch. Campaign mode has you creating a park in a variety of goal-oriented levels. You can also build one in a free play mode with a set of stock maps or ones you have unlocked from the campaign. If you are feeling particularly creative you can even make your own map and scenario.

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