Indie game

Startup Panic Review: Those are Rookie Numbers

The opening hours of Startup Panic were a bit surreal, painful, and interesting to experience as a lone self-employed Content Creator. It accurately represented the early days of my website. Alone in my house and slaving away to create something when nobody knew or cared who I was.

Out of Space Review: Intergalactic Housekeeping

Out Of Space is about powering up randomly generated space stations infested by filthy alien critters. The goal is to power every room with a battery while combating an alien menace that constantly impedes your progress. Yet you and your team must also manage to live together, often in cramped quarters until the work is done.

Mortal Glory Review: Gloriously Brutal

Mortal Glory is a turn-based game about gladiatorial combat. The graphics are simplistic but graceful with its old school charm. You recruit, upgrade, and outfit a group of gladiators to battle within the fiendish arena.