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Circadian Dice Review

Circadian Dice Review

Back in May 2020. I reviewed a little game called Circadian Dice. At the time, it was a game made by hobbyist game developers, and even then I was impressed enough to score it a 10 out of 10, back when I still gave out numerical scores.

Two years later, Circadian Dice has been further improved and is making the leap that I always hoped it would make. From a hobbyist project to a full-fledged retail Indie game. It only felt appropriate to update my review to match it.

Wonderlands War Review

Wonderlands War Board Game Review

Wonderland is the strangest of strange places. Where everyone is at least a little bit mad, or at least, they were. With the looking glass shattered, the denizens of Wonderland are now entirely sane, and that means war. Various leaders amass supporters and allies to aid in the struggle for control. However, the maddening shards of the looking glass permeate the world, corrupting those who come into contact with them.

Rise of Ix Review

Dune Imperium: Rise of Ix Review

Dune Imperium quickly took its spot among my favorite games due to its strategic depth, clever use of deck building, and strong solo mode. A common theme of board game expansions is to “fix” issues that the original game had. In my opinion, however. There wasn’t a lot to fix in Dune Imperium.

Dune Imperium Board Game Review

The phrase “spicing things up” takes on a slightly different meaning with Dune Imperium. Where said spice is a super drug excreted by worms large enough to feature in a 90’s B movie starring Kevin Bacon.