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State if Decay 2 Review

State of Decay 2: An Updated Review

Although State of Decay 2 was released back in 2018, the game has received continuous meaty updates that have greatly expanded upon, tweaked, and improved the game. With update 33, Heart Attack, I felt it was time to revisit State of Decay 2 with a properly updated review

Age of Wonders 4 Review

Age of Wonders 4 Review

Age of Wonders 4 attempts to take that variety one step further by taking apart the various pieces that make up a faction’s jigsaw puzzle, and handing them to you. You can create your own factions and rulers in Age of Wonders 4, both to play as and against. You can even customize the very realms you play on.

Maximum Apocalypse Wasted Wilds Review

Maximum Apocalypse: Wasted Wilds Review

Wasted Wilds is a stand-alone entry into the Maximum Apocalypse universe. Maximum Apocalypse is a setting for when one Apocalypse is simply not enough. The world didn’t end through one disaster, but many. Killer Robots, alien invasions, zombie pandemics, and pretty much anything else you can think of are a part of Maximum Apocalypse.

Dune Imperium: Immortality review

Dune Imperium: Immortality Review

Dune Imperium: Immortality gracefully expands the game’s deck-building and strategic options without making the game feel bloated. Like Rise of Ix, The additions in Immortality smoothly slide into place so snugly that they feel like they always belonged there.