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Dune Imperium: Immortality review

Dune Imperium: Immortality Review

Dune Imperium: Immortality gracefully expands the game’s deck-building and strategic options without making the game feel bloated. Like Rise of Ix, The additions in Immortality smoothly slide into place so snugly that they feel like they always belonged there.

Marvel's Midnight Suns review

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Review

When rumors first started floating around that a Marvel X-COM was in the works, I was ecstatic. When it was revealed that Midnight Suns wouldn’t share anything in common with X-COM. I deflated. That bias stuck with me for so long that I even threw a tiny bit of shade at the game in my Phoenix Point review.

Scythe Boardgame Review

Scythe Board Game Review

Scythe is a pretty multifaceted game. It features several common game elements, such as engine building, territory control, and resource management. But it presents them in such a unique manner that simply calling out individual mechanisms hardly does it justice.

Horizons of Spirit island Review

Horizons of Spirit Island Review

Horizons of Spirit Island is a smaller and more compact version of Spirit Island made to appeal to a larger crowd and onboard new players. Horizons is to Spirit Island what Jaws of the Lion is to Gloomhaven.