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Scythe Boardgame Review

Scythe Board Game Review

Scythe is a pretty multifaceted game. It features several common game elements, such as engine building, territory control, and resource management. But it presents them in such a unique manner that simply calling out individual mechanisms hardly does it justice.

Marvel Dice Throne Doctor Strange vs Black Widow Review

Marvel Dice Throne: Doctor Strange vs Black Widow Review

One of the coolest things about Marvel Dice Throne is just how well the game translates the powers and abilities of each hero to its system. Doctor Strange is my favorite superhero. So I was excited to see how he played, and I’m pretty happy with the result.

Battlecrest review

Battlecrest Card Game Review

Battlecrest is a head-to-head skirmish game where you use heroes to battle around a semi-randomized battlefield. The catch is, the game consists of 18 cards and fits in a wallet half the size of the one I carry around. Button Shy specializes in making wallet-sized games, and prior to Battlecrest, I’d never played one.

Horizons of Spirit island Review

Horizons of Spirit Island Review

Horizons of Spirit Island is a smaller and more compact version of Spirit Island made to appeal to a larger crowd and onboard new players. Horizons is to Spirit Island what Jaws of the Lion is to Gloomhaven.