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Rogue Angels Board game preview

Rogue Angels Board Game Preview

Sometimes an email lands in my inbox that uses just the right combination of words to immediately draw my attention and interest. One such combination is “What if Mass Effect was a board game?”.

It was like Sun Tzu Games had heard about my disdain of doing prototype previews and said “Hold my Krogan”. Like a siren’s song to a ship’s captain, I immediately changed course and beached myself amid the Rogue Angels universe.

Nidavellir Review

Nidavellir Boardgame Review

To challenge the dragon Fafnir, the dwarves must assemble the bravest armies made up of people and heroes from a variety of vocations. In Nidavellir, players compete for these recruits by bidding coins for the right to choose ahead of the other players.

Three Great Things about Spirit Island

Three Great Things: Spirit Island

Spirit Island’s newest expansion, Nature Incarnate is nearing the finish line and is almost ready to ship out to backers. I figured now is a pretty good time to talk about three things that make Spirit Island, and its expansions so great. After all, it is one of my favorite games and I’ve given my golden shield award to it and every expansion I’ve played.

Circadians First Light review

Circadians: First Light (Second Edition) Review

Circadians: First Light is a worker placement and dice management game where you lead a team of researchers amid a newly discovered planet. You send out your crew to trade with the locals, harvest resources, conduct research, and other actions with the overall goal of earning the most points at the end of the game.