Spirit Island Board Game Review

Spirit Island is a cooperative game for 1 to 4 players. You play as one of 8 unique and powerful spirits inhabiting an island that’s facing colonization by hostile Invaders.

Valor & Villainy: Minions of Mordak Review

Minions of Mordak is a one versus many board game designed by James Van Niekerk and published by Skybound Games. I have the deluxe version, which comes with a couple of features exclusive to backers. For that reason, I will not factor those features into this review. You can pre-order Minions of Mordak from Valor & Villainy

Arkham Horror 3rd Edition Review

Arkham Horror is a cooperative board game based on the works of H.P Lovecraft. 3rd edition is the latest installment of the core Arkham line. I have no experience with previous editions of the game. It’s sister game, however, Eldritch Horror is one of my favorite board games.

For The King Review: The Tabletops Gone Rogue!

For The King succeeds at emulating a tabletop experience. It really feels like a cross between a detailed board game and a role-playing game such as Dungeons and Dragons with every advantage that a computerized system brings to its platform. You control up to three characters solo or you can divide up control of the party between yourself and two other players in local or online co-op.