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Skate Summer Game Announcement

Kickstart Totally Sick Moves With Skate Summer!

Pandasaurus Games Announces Skate Summer

I have a spiritual connection with Skate Summer. It’s a board game about skateboarding published by Pandasaurus Games. Funny enough, I was actually a skater around the time dinosaurs walked the earth.

Sure my deck was wider than Tony Hawks’ list of injuries, and its wheels could make a monster truck blush. Sure, maybe I couldn’t do any tricks, and the other kids made fun of me, but it still counts! Thanks to Skate Summer. I can soon relive those wonderful skateboarding moments without the pain of hitting the pavement at what felt like the speed of sound…

Skate Summer is a game for 2 to 5 players designed by Randy Reimen. It will have you and your friends skating around Pelican Park performing gnarly tricks and radical combos. The player with the most points at the end wins the game, plus bragging rights against your poseur friends.

A full spread of the Skate Summer board game set up.

The game features dice rolling, card combos, and set collection as the skaters play tricks while keeping their balance. Plus, each player also has their own skateboard-shaped play area. That’s pretty sick!

Pelican Park is a big place, so you won’t just be hitting the same half-pipe, you can move around the park to different S.K.A.T.E locations for new gear and goals.

Like most games by Pandasaurus, Skate Summer looks to have a great table presence, with great-looking boards and pieces that pop with bright colors. The art is done by Pape Ink, who absolutely nails the skater’s aesthetic.

Skate Summer is coming to Kickstarter on January 18th and has a fulfillment estimate for Summer 2022. While delays are always a possibility, that’s a very speedy fulfillment estimate and a show of confidence from Pandasaurus.


There’s also a contest running through Social Media and Discord where fans can suggest names for five of the Skaters, and if your name is chosen you receive a free special edition version of the game! Learn on Skate Summer’s store page!

Pandasaurus has a strong track record of unique games that can match a variety of tastes. In fact, if you prefer your boards without wheels, and winter’s chill to the summer heat (you heathen!), they also recently announced Skull Canyon: Ski Fest!

Hot or cold, it looks to be the year of the Panda Dinosaur instead of the Tiger!