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Skull Canyon Ski Fest Game Announcement

Chill Out This Spring With Skull Canyon: Ski Fest

Pandasaurus Games Announces Skull Canyon: Ski Fest

Skull Canyon doesn’t exactly sound like the most ideal spot for a vacation. But Pandasaurus Games promises the experience to be an approachable one with easy-to-learn mechanics that will have you taking to the slopes like a pro in no time.

Skull Canyon: Ski Fest is a 2-4 player game of friendly competition releasing this Spring on April 13th, 2022. The game will have players skiing down different parts of Skull Canyon using sets of cards to complete the run while looking as cool as possible for extra points. I think that’s a pretty neat idea for a board game.

Once players have dazzled the crowd. It’s time to knock the snow off your boots by spending the evening in various cabins to prep yourself for the next day on the slopes. Each cabin can be used to take actions, provided you have enough cards or fame to spare!

Pandasaurus Games is known for many excellent titles. Whether it’s rolling dice in Machi Koro, bending time in The Loop, or sparing no expense in Dinosaur World. They always offer the strong variety you would expect from a namesake that combines cute and cuddly Pandas with massive prehistoric lizards. I’ll actually be reviewing The Loop sometime soon and I can vouch for their creativity.

Skull Canyon: Ski Fest aims to shift that Pandasaurus variety even further. Not only with a uniquely themed game about rushing down the side of the mountain with pointy slabs of wood strapped to your feet. But also with diverse characters of different races and genders to keep the slopes inclusive.

Skull Canyon Ski-Fest is available for preorder from Pandasaurus and participating game stores for $39.95. Preorders ship with three special promo cards such as Hot Chocolate and a Fanny Pack. Both of which sound important if you’re heading to a place called Skull Canyon.

On a personal level, I’m attracted to the big, charming game board. I’m a sucker for games with a large table presence. You can almost feel the cold air wafting from its surface (Not that I need too right now, brrr!). The game also claims to be approachable while offering interesting decisions to make, so you had better stay frosty!

Will the game have a warm reception or be given the cold shoulder? Find out when it releases early next year!

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