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Age of Wonders: Planetfall review

Age Of Wonders Planetfall Review: Truly Wonderful

Age Of Wonders: Planetfall shocked me with its depth. It is pretty easy to learn but its strategical roots run deep. It is a rabbit hole you can easily get lost in as hours vanish when they felt like mere minutes.

Tidal Tribe Review: An Ocean Deep Simulation

Going into Tidal Tribe, I expected a very light experience, hoo boy, there’s a lot of complexity in there. At first, it’s a little overwhelming. You play as a villager with the power to move the earth….and fly with a towel. Just, bear with me here.

Fade To Silence Review: Eldritch Winter Survival

Fade To Silence is a hardcore survival game that acknowledges one of the world’s many truths, winter is evil. Look, if your one of those people who can’t wait for summer to be over, I don’t begrudge you that. But I would personally rather die in a pool of my own sweat than ever see another snowflake again.