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FarCry New Dawn or New Dud?

FarCry New Dawn has me intrigued. I really enjoyed the gameplay of FarCry 5, in particular, the guns for hire system really stood out to me. I enjoy having companions in games, it makes the experience feel less lonely, and a couple of heroes taking on a big threat feels less immersion breaking than a one-man army, at least in most settings.

Jon Shafer’s At The Gates Review: Tribal Civilization

At a glance, At The Gates resembles one of the Civilization titles, and with good reason. The man whose name is in the title was a designer of Civilization 5. But don’t be fooled, At The Gates is no copy cat game. Jon’s title is its own breed of 4X with a pretty unique formula and interesting systems.

Slay the Spire Review: The Heart of The Cards

Slay The Spire is a challenging and highly replayable rogue-like. You play as one of three characters attempting to scale a 51 level spire. Each floor has an encounter for you to interact with, whether that’s battling a creature, dealing with a random event or visiting a merchant. Each stage of the spire has a challenging boss battle. If you die, you start over from the beginning. But Its rare for any two playthroughs to feel alike.

Early Access Look: Meeple Station

Meeple Station shares some similarities with RimWorld, which got my attention straight away. But Meeple Station is not a clone by any stretch of the imagination. You manage a station of Meeples, attempting to rein in as much profit as possible while keeping the crew happy and alive. Neither of which is easy to do.