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Evolution Digital Review: Evolve, Adapt, Overcome

Evolution is a board game about evolving dominant species and eating more food than your opponents. It’s easy to learn and manages to retain depth despite its simplicity. At its core, you play cards in an attempt to ensure that your species eats enough food while starving out your foes species.

Kingdom Hearts 3: The Most Pointless Review

I kinda feel that writing this review is a little pointless. Kingdom Hearts is a series known for its convoluted story that’s has spanned 17 years over multiple platforms and handhelds. I played the first one when I was around 14 years old. I’m 30 now. At this point, you’re either invested in the franchise, or you aren’t. Either way, a review is unlikely to sway your purchase decision. But, writing is what I do, and it feels weird to let such a massive title go by without having my say, so here we are.

Worbital Review: Worms In Space!

Worbital is an indie game about planetary artillery warfare. Imagine the game Worms, but instead of cute pink and sarcastic fishing bait. You control a weaponized planet spiraling around a solar system. You battle other weaponized planets death star style. It’s as fun as it sounds. So get ready to dawn the cap of Grand Moff Tarkin, because that’s no moon. (Or it might be, you can weaponize those too.)

Minaurs: Cute, But Deep Strategy Game.

Minaurs is a cute game with a lot of hidden depth and complexity. You help guide a little Minaur in a quest to find and rescue other Minaurs. You do this by mining out a pathway for the little guy to safely traverse the randomly generated levels. The Minaur isn’t controlled directly, it wanders around in a manner akin to the old lemming’s games.