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Age Of Wonders Planetfall Review: Truly Wonderful

Age Of Wonders: Planetfall shocked me with its depth. It is pretty easy to learn but its strategical roots run deep. It is a rabbit hole you can easily get lost in as hours vanish when they felt like mere minutes.

Minaurs: Cute, But Deep Strategy Game.

Minaurs is a cute game with a lot of hidden depth and complexity. You help guide a little Minaur in a quest to find and rescue other Minaurs. You do this by mining out a pathway for the little guy to safely traverse the randomly generated levels. The Minaur isn’t controlled directly, it wanders around in a manner akin to the old lemming’s games.

Kingdom Two Crowns Review: Get That Money

Kingdom Two Crowns is a life lesson in artistic form. What lesson does it teach? A couple of them in fact. Firstly, that mistakes can never ever be undone ever, seriously ever. Secondly, it doesn’t matter where you come from, what you have done or who you are. As long as you have boatloads of money!