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Souls Like

Hellpoint Review: Science Fiction Souls

Throw a fit about it if you want, but Souls-like is pretty much a genre now. The souls series have spawned dozens of games. Some are lovingly inspired, while others are bargain bin knock offs.

Waking Review: A Heartfelt Mess

Waking is heartwarmingly beautiful conceptually and incredibly unique. You play as yourself more intimately than nearly any other game. You are in a coma and fighting within your own mind to wake up instead of giving in to death. This is accomplished by delving into your psyche and Waking will ask you many questions about yourself as you play.

Remnant: From the Ashes – Swamps of Corsus Review

Remnant: From The Ashes came out last year and shocked pretty much everyone with its excellent quality, it even made my top 5 games of the year list. Remnant is a third-person shooter with deep souls-like inspiration and great replay value due to its procedural nature.

Driven Out Review: A Lesson In Patience

Driven Out is a simple game. You traverse the 2D world in a side-scrolling fashion and kill things with your sword. You can perform a high, low and middle block as well as a high, low and middle attack. Time your block just right and you perform a parry. However, the game’s concept is one of brutal difficulty and pattern recognition.