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Pawnbarian Review

Pawnbarian Review: Working Knights In A Dungeon

Pawnbarian is a simple, but fascinating little game where brains are infinitely more useful than brawn. The name might be a play on the word barbarian, but it’s definitely less of an “I would like to rage” type game. And more of an ” I proclaim my intention of luxuriating in the splendor of my wrathful indignation” kind of game.

Jupiter Hell Review

Jupiter Hell Review: A Dance With Doom

Do you want to know one of my dirty little game reviewer secrets? I don’t like Doom, or games like Doom. The hyper-paced arcade-style shooting and gallons of gore aren’t my style. But take Doom and make it a tactical traditional roguelike. Then you have Jupiter Hell and my attention.

Rogue Summoner Review

Rogue Summoner Review: Pocket Monster Chess

Rogue Summoner is a traditional roguelike almost to the letter. That means permadeath, turn-based gameplay and no meta progression. The turn-based gameplay is a different breed though. It’s part auto battler and part tactics game with a dash of chess influence.

Crown Trick Review

Crown Trick Review: A Crown Treat

Crown Trick is a roguelike with a quirky turn-based system. Time only flows when you move. Every step or action you take counts as a turn, after which the enemies and traps take a turn. This allows you to exert an impressive amount of control over the flow of the game. It’s as fast or slow as you wish it to be.