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Puzzle game

Hardspace Shipbreaker Review

Hardspace Shipbreaker Review

Hardspace Shipbreaker falls under the category of a game that essentially emulates a job that would be horrible in real life, but is for some reason fun to play. As a kid, adults could not fathom why I was playing Harvest Moon, a game about growing crops and taking care of farm animals. I had no explanation to give in return. I sometimes feel that way about Shipbreaker as well, and it’s literally my job to explain why I enjoy games.

Kaiju Wars Review

Kaiju Wars Review

Have you ever looked at Godzilla or King Kong and thought to yourself. “I wanna fight that?” Well then, it’s you’re lucky day. In Kaiju Wars, you are attempting to stop giant monsters from destroying the city. I say attempt because even when you “win” most of the buildings will look like an angry toddler’s box of lego.

Red Ronin Review

Red Ronin Review: Dashing Tiger Hidden Dragon

Red Ronin claims to be a turn-based tactics game, but that title is disingenuous at best. Sure, the game is technically turn-based, but make no mistake. Red Ronin is without a doubt a puzzle game in the purest sense of the word. I’m highlighting that fact because if you go into the game with the wrong expectation, you’re going to have a very bad time.

Pawnbarian Review

Pawnbarian Review: Working Knights In A Dungeon

Pawnbarian is a simple, but fascinating little game where brains are infinitely more useful than brawn. The name might be a play on the word barbarian, but it’s definitely less of an “I would like to rage” type game. And more of an ” I proclaim my intention of luxuriating in the splendor of my wrathful indignation” kind of game.