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Pathfinder 2e, how to win against strong monsters

Pathfinder 2E: How To Win Against Strong Monsters

Even the most laid-back groups are going to contend with tough encounters sooner or later. The rotation of moderate, low, and severe combats, with a pinch of trivial and extreme encounters, is incredibly important to the feel of a game. Encountering an Ogre might make you poop your pants at level 1, but at level 6? The Ogre does the pooping because you can take on more than one of them fairly easily.

Pathfinder 2e's excessive rules make it simple

Pathfinder 2e’s Excessive Rules Make It Simple

Is the title an oxymoron? Yes. Am I also a moron? Debatable. But is my claim also true? I certainly think so. Let me explain why. Pathfinder 2e is a deep game with a bunch of rules, mechanics, and systems. Yet, the way they are implemented makes the game run incredibly smooth. If you use the tools it gives you correctly anyway.

Pathfinder 2e Review

Pathfinder 2E Review: Deep Yet Accessible

The Core Rule book is monstrous with over 600 pages of RPG goodness. Don’t panic however, it looks far most intimidating than it is. The core rule book includes character creation, gameplay rules, a setting primer, and a game mastery guide. Its almost several products rolled into one, thus the size.