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Party Game

Trash Sailors Review

Trash Sailors Review: Moist and Sticky

It may not seem like it at first glance. But Trash Sailors is very much a party game in the same vein as Overcooked and similar titles. You might be sailing a raft, fighting off pirates and hungry alligators, but crisis management is the name of the game. The crisis is everything, and you’re the management!

Embr Review

Embr Review: Parachutes and Ladders

Embr manages to stand apart from most party games in two ways. For one it’s played from a first-person perspective, and secondly, it ain’t half bad as a single-player experience. That’s an achievement, not even granddaddy Overcooked can claim.

Movers in Paradise Review

Moving Out: Movers In Paradise Review

I found the original Moving Out to be one of the more polished and mechanically cohesive party games to follow in the footsteps of the Overcooked titles. Movers in Paradise mostly just expands on the base game’s existing framework.

Pummel Party Review: My Kind Of Party

Pummel Party released in 2018, but I recently picked it up, and it surprised me. Pummel Party is a great deal like the classic Mario Party games, except bloodier. Players roll dice on a giant board game accumulating keys to spend on golden goblets.