Foxholes Unique Multiplayer Experience

This isn’t a review of Foxhole, but I want to talk about it anyway. I discovered it through a friend a few days ago and picked it up on a whim because it’s currently on sale for 10.99$ On Steam. I’ve got so much more to experience in Foxhole, but I can say it was already money well spent.

A Video Game Review Score: What does it mean?

First of all, I want to stress the fact that you should never take a score at face value. The context written in a review is really important and any reviewer worth their salt should have outlined reasons why a score was given.

The Indiepocalypse

I’m not one for constant negativity and doom and gloom reporting. Yes, it gets clicks, but honestly, as a gamer, it’s exhausting when that is all you ever see. When I picked up the mantle of a game writer, I vowed to avoid that kind of easy click bait and bandwagon jumping. Frankly, between the hate tubers and constant controversy every single day, I stand out more just being myself because the market for negativity is already flooded. Be the change you want to see and all that good stuff.

FarCry New Dawn or New Dud?

FarCry New Dawn has me intrigued. I really enjoyed the gameplay of FarCry 5, in particular, the guns for hire system really stood out to me. I enjoy having companions in games, it makes the experience feel less lonely, and a couple of heroes taking on a big threat feels less immersion breaking than a one-man army, at least in most settings.

A peek behind the curtain: What to look for in a game reviewer.

I’ve seen some sentiments expressed by gamers around the web lately that prompted me to write this piece. A lot of gamers simply don’t trust reviewers these days, be they a big publication like IGN, a YouTuber, or a smaller writer like myself. I don’t blame them, there has been shady stuff in the past and money does, in fact, make the world go around.