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Spellbreak Review: Enchanting Wizardry

Spellbreak puts a pretty unique spin on the battle royal genre. Instead of running around looting guns for an hour. You super jump, fly, and teleport while looting magical gear and casting spells.

Fall Guys Review: Become the Bean!

Fall Guys is an online multiplayer “battle royal” game where you compete against 60 other players in crazy obstacle courses and wacky mini-games. You won’t find weapons or loot here, just simple silly fun.

Bannerlord Early access review

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Early Access Review

It’s no secret that Bannerlord was my most anticipated game for years. I definitely had a moment of disbelief when it was finally downloading on my computer. That amount of hype can be a bad thing. I’ve set myself up for disappointment in the past (I’m looking at you Spore!). So did Bannerlord disappoint me? No, yes and no again.