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Exoprimal Tips & Tricks Guide

Exoprimal Tips & Tricks Guide

On the surface, Exoprimal might look like a mindless shooter, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. There’s actually a ton of nuance to its gameplay and a pretty high skill ceiling for each of its 10 exosuits. In fact, I could dedicate a separate guide to each individual exosuit. But you have to walk before you sprint headlong into the jaws of a T-Rex. So let’s get started with some tips and tricks to help your overall gameplay.

Exoprimal review

Exoprimal Review

Exoprimal feels like a return to form for video games. It goes back to a time when every game put out by a large publisher wasn’t a cutscene-heavy cinematic experience, a trend-chasing battle royal, or the yearly installment of the dorm-bro shooter. Exoprimal chose to take a risk right when the gaming industry is the most risk-averse.

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