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Board Game Announcement

Rogue Angels Board game preview

Rogue Angels Board Game Preview

Sometimes an email lands in my inbox that uses just the right combination of words to immediately draw my attention and interest. One such combination is “What if Mass Effect was a board game?”.

It was like Sun Tzu Games had heard about my disdain of doing prototype previews and said “Hold my Krogan”. Like a siren’s song to a ship’s captain, I immediately changed course and beached myself amid the Rogue Angels universe.

Claw of Sauria Preview

Claw of Sauria Expansion Preview

I recently had the chance to review Sauria, a pretty freaking cool dinosaur survival board game. An expansion for the game called Claw of Sauria has already been funded on Kickstarter and met quite a few stretch goals.

Divine Dungeon Preview

Divine Dungeon Preview

A key factor to my enjoyment of a board game is player interaction. I tend to strongly favor games with high interaction as opposed to multiplayer solitaire. Divine Dungeon is a game that describes itself as a “take that” Dungeon Crawler. So when I was offered a chance to preview it, I had to take it.

Worldbreakers Advent of the Khanate Preview

Worldbreakers: Advent of the Khanate Preview

I get a lot of emails asking me to cover upcoming board games on Kickstarter. I don’t usually do previews. In fact, this is my first one, I don’t cover them for many reasons. Because of Kickstarter fatigue, the fact that I don’t like using tabletop simulator for videos and well, I’ve got my hands full with other types of content. I made an exception for Worldbreakers, however. Why? Because of Netrunner.