Gideon’s Reviewer Profile

What is this?

The best way to utilize a reviewer isn’t on some aggregated score of 100 other reviewers. You should get to know a critic and see if you align with them. This page is a window into Gideon’s Gaming so you can decide if the content here will be helpful to you.

Who the heck is Gideon?

My real name is Joseph. Gideon is a moniker I picked up during my time in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism). I’m really bad with names, and when I founded the site, it was the first thing that came to mind.

I’m in my 30s, and games have been with me since I could walk. I had almost no education. I’m mostly self-taught and I learned to read via video game manuals (those existed once).

I spent a lot of my early life in back-breaking factory work. Given my lack of education, there was no real hope of advancement. But I’ve always had a penchant for writing and a passion for gaming. A couple of years ago, with the help of my significant other, I took a two-part chance.

On one part, I founded this website and became a game reviewer. The second part, I also write books I hope to get published one day. It’s a huge risk, and it’s scary as hell, but it’s also exciting.

I’ve got a long road ahead of me, but I’ve been more successful than I could have hoped. My site grew, I became verified on Open Critic, and I get to review games large and small. I recently added YouTube videos to my content, and my name is growing every day.

Check out my Review and Scoring Method if you want to see my review process and how I score games. You may also want to read my piece on what video game reviews are good for.

What are my Gaming traits?

I’ve been known to enjoy many types of games, so I try not to pigeonhole my tastes too much. That said, I generally enjoy deeper or more complex titles over simple or more casual games. I value challenge, and I get bored if a game too easy. I believe that difficulty settings are a very important feature. I’ve written about it several times, including the true impact of challenge in games.

I do enjoy a good story, but the narrative is secondary to me over gameplay. I can enjoy a game with a bad or non-existent story. However, I can’t enjoy a game with bad or non-existent gameplay. Growing up poor, there were many times that a game had to last me for a month because it was the only one I was able to get. That mindset never really faded. I value games that either last a long time, or are highly replayable.

I hate rage bait culture. Video games are about having fun and exploring worlds. Toxicity has no place here.

What Platforms do you review games on?

I’m multiplatform with no favoritism. Platform tribalism is silly. I review games on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation including the next-gen systems. I also review the occasional board game or tabletop RPG.

On the flip side, I do not play or review games on the Nintendo Switch, handhelds, mobile, Stadia or VR. I just don’t have an interest in those systems. I’m not the target market.

Favorite genres and why?

  • Roguelike/lite: These games are challenging, full of variety, and highly replayable.
  • Open World: I enjoy the freedom to do what I want and get lost in a massive world.
  • 4X: These games tend to be deep and replayable with a great deal of cerebral engagement.
  • Survival: Survival games tend to offer immense freedom, challenge, and are satisfying to progress in.
  • Multiplayer: I really enjoy playing games with my significant other, cooperatively when possible.

Least favorite genres and why?

  • Horror: I have an anxiety disorder, and don’t enjoy the spooks. Except for Phasmophobia.
  • Narrative Based/Visual Novels: I’m gameplay focused so strictly narrative games don’t appeal to me.
  • Puzzlers: I enjoy puzzles in other genres, but not as a stand-alone game. I also suck at them.
  • Platformers: I’ve been gaming for at least 28 years. I think I’m just burnt out on them.
  • Battle Royal: I’ve tried nearly every single one and none can hold my attention at all.

Ten favorite games and why

Oh God. These are in no specific order. I have way more favorite games, this is just ten of them.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: It may be showing it’s age. But I don’t think any other game has yet to match its ability to place me in the world and let me do what I want. I can jump in and visit any city, roleplay whoever I want to be, and encounter an open world that still surprises me.

Mass Effect 2: One of few games to truly grip me with its characters and narrative, all while backed up by smart gunplay with fun powers and squad control.

Rimworld: An amazing colony sim with unparalleled storytelling because there is no story. The story is yours, and what you make of it. It’s very challenging, and every failure is memorable.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Fantastic challenging gameplay, co-op, and a ton of content. All Monster Hunters are good but, 4 stands out for having so much in it. World is a bit too easy to replace it wholesale.

Final Fantasy Tactics: A game I loved so much that it took me years to stop comparing every turn-based tactics game to it. Stellar gameplay and great class system.

Ark Survival Evolved: Unbalanced, broken, and still amazing. A ridiculous amount of content with numerous dinosaurs to tame and ride. It has eaten thousands of my hours and counting. I’ll probably never play with anyone other than my partner again though.

Death Stranding: Its narrative grabbed me, but its unique methodical gameplay held on. One of the few games I’ve platinumed. I’d still be playing it if it was more challenging.

Sea of Thieves: I’ve had an insane amount of fun sailing the seas with my significant other and battling other pirates for treasure. It’s unique in the fact that I can jump in at any time and be on level ground with other players.

Battlefield 4: It was hard to pick just one, the series is one of gaming’s highlights for me. I actually prefer the gameplay of V, but 4 just has more content to it, and I played it for a longer period of time with my friends.

X-COM 2 War of the Chosen: X-COM is a great tactical franchise, but I think X-COM 2 really nailed it with a combo of depth, plenty of mechanics, and a ton of content. Plus, it uses the Nemesis system in its own way.

Outside of Video Games

I enjoy board games and tabletop RPGs. Pathfinder 2e is my system of choice, but I used to be an official Dungeon Master for DnD at a local store.

My favorite author is Brandon Sanderson followed by Jim Butcher. My favorite movies are Aliens, Mad Max: Fury Road, Edge of Tomorrow, everything Jurassic Park, and everything Marvel.

I don’t watch much TV, but I enjoy Supernatural and The Witcher.

Pizza without pepperoni isn’t pizza. I like dogs.

If I align with you…

Consider checking out some of my content, or the links sidebar ( or the bottom of the page on mobile). Especially my Creator Store. While I maintain a Kofi, I don’t like asking for donations and I refuse to run ads. I’m really pushing the Creator Store as a happy medium. It contains games I curated, so buying them nets you the game and directly supports the site, content, and YouTube channel.