Sheltered 2 Review: Surviving Dumpster Diving

Sheltered 2 feels like an interesting combination of several other games. The Sims meets Rimworld with a healthy splash of Fallout Shelter and Oxygen Not Included. The result is something is that feels unique.

Gears Tactics Review: A Cognitive Spin Off

Gears Tactics convinced me that pretty much every videogame IP should get the X-COM treatment. Halo, Death Stranding, The Elder Scrolls, all of it. It’s incredibly fascinating to take an existing game and watch all of its mechanics translate into a tactical turn-based version of itself.

Jupiter Hell Review: A Dance With Doom

Do you want to know one of my dirty little game reviewer secrets? I don’t like Doom, or games like Doom. The hyper-paced arcade-style shooting and gallons of gore aren’t my style. But take Doom and make it a tactical traditional roguelike. Then you have Jupiter Hell and my attention.

Team Fight Manager Review: Needs a Little Coaching

Team Fight Manager is a wholesome take on the E-sports scene that puts you in the role of coaching a team in an arena-style hero game. I say wholesome because none of the toxicity or drama that follows titles such as Overwatch or League of Legends is present in Team Fight Manager. Even the streamer chat is hilariously polite when your players stream during downtime. The game focuses more on the mechanics than the drama, and that’s probably for the best.