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A message from Gideon’s Gaming


It is the year 2020, of all the issues the world and America have to deal with, it is incredibly disappointing that racism and police brutality is still one of them. The time for both to disappear is long overdue. The time to stick your head in the sand and pretend they don’t exist has also long passed.

With 2020 comes the fact that most of society carry cameras in their pockets. Being ignorant of these issues isn’t acceptable in a world where a simple two-minute search will show them to you. It isn’t ignorance, it’s now willful obstinance, this is no longer okay. It should never have been okay.

If you don’t want to educate yourself, others will do it for you. If you still dig your heels in, prepare to be swept away. What happened to George Floyd is disgusting and no society that has the nerve to call themselves civilized should ever accept it. The atrocity that murdered George is far from the only one committed here by the very men and women that are sworn to protect and serve us.

The police should not be above the law they supposedly uphold. They have to be held accountable in the same way that any other person would be, if we are to ever call our nation anything even resembling the word great. If you truly believe that All Lives Matter, then Black Lives have to matter too, or you are an abhorrent hypocrite.

If you disagree and this makes you angry. Fuck off. Gideon’s Gaming doesn’t need you, America doesn’t need you and frankly, the world doesn’t need you either.

If you want to help the cause. Peaceful protest is great but be safe, the police are a dangerous entity and do not care about your rights and Covid 19 is still a thing. Make sure to register to vote as well.

You can also call out racism, fascism, and bigotry when you see it and refuse to support people, influencers, and outlets that parade it around like a badge of honor. In real life or online. Show society, we will not accept this any longer.

The moderators over at r/games on Reddit have put together a great support thread showcasing gaming companies that are supporting the cause, charity bundles, and other groups you can donate to. Here is the link, give it a look.

Another person chose to use a platform similar to my own to make a list of entities speaking out for the cause and brand them as traitors to America. What the fool didn’t realize, is they actually made a huge list of supporters. I won’t link or even mention the name of the horrid site, but another site has chosen to take that list and rightfully brand the same list as supporters. You can view it at One Petulant Gamer.

You can also check out 8 Cant Wait and learn about 8 police policies you can petition your city representatives to enact on police departments.

Gideon’s Gaming stands in support of peaceful protests and in direct opposition of police brutality and racism. If this offends you, click the X in the upper right corner of your screen.

Stay safe, happy gaming and don’t forget to vote.