Bad North: Jotunn Edition Review

Bad North is a minimalistic and simple strategy game with fun and satisfying game mechanics. You control little squads of armed warriors on the run from an ever-approaching Viking tide. Your troops bounce from island to island on an overworld map and fight off hordes of Vikings to safeguard the houses on them.

Worbitals Console Release: Why You Should Play it.

Worbitals console version is nearly identical to the PC version. My review of the PC version is completely relevant to the console version and I recommend you check it out if you haven’t already. The biggest difference is the control scheme. Thankfully Worbital works great on controllers. I had no trouble adapting to it, despite having put in hours upon hours of Worbital with a keyboard and mouse.

GreedFall Review: Ambitious Diplomacy.

You play as De Sardet. The legate of the Merchant congregation. A phrase you are going to hear frequently. De Sardet is customizable in both appearance and abilities. The character features separate voice actors depending on what you choose. The voice talent in the game is fantastic, this is very important because the game is very dialogue-heavy.

Gears 5 Review: Lets COG it a day.

Gears 5 does very little to change the formula, if you have liked other Gears of War titles, you will enjoy Gears 5. If you didn’t, Gears 5 isn’t going to win your heart and mind now. It’s that simple. The game does, however, have a lot of content, a lengthy campaign, an improved horde mode, versus and a new mode called escape.

State Of Decay 2: Choose Your Own Apocalypse Review.

This review is a little bit different than my normal sort of review. State of Decay 2 released nearly a year ago, I never gave it a proper review at the time but it made the list of my top disappointments of 2018. The reason for that is I pretty much adore the concept and gameplay. It nails the feel of living your own zombie apocalypse better than any other game. But the lack of challenge was broken, badly. Keep in mind the game is a survival game that boasts permadeath as a core feature.

Degrees Of Separation: Co-op Puzzle Game of Love

Degrees Of Separation is a puzzle game about two characters, Ember and Rime. Each one carries the power of their world with them. Ember with the power of summer and Rime with the power of winter. The two characters have a barrier between them and must work together to use their powers to solve various puzzles. The game can be played single player, but at its heart Degrees of Separation is a co-op game.

Genesis Alpha One Review: Epic But Rough Gameplay

The scale and variety of gameplay systems weaved inside of Genesis Alpha One is quite an undertaking for an indie game. It hits some serious high notes with me. Upfront, it is a game designed almost entirely to my own personal tastes. It is a roguelike with a deep layer of strategy and both, crafting and resource gathering play a central role in the game. At the same time, I feel like a lot of its potential is squandered over a couple of seriously head-scratching limitations. Strap on your space suits and buckle up, were about to get lost in space.

Hive Jump Bang For Your Bug?

Often times when I’m reviewing a game with a retro style, you will often see me comment that the game has a retro look with a modern feel or some other relevant kind of metaphor. Not this time though. Hive Jump is a purebred retro game plain and simple. It would have fit perfectly on the Super Nintendo back in the day.

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