The Indiepocalypse

I’m not one for constant negativity and doom and gloom reporting. Yes, it gets clicks, but honestly, as a gamer, it’s exhausting when that is all you ever see. When I picked up the mantle of a game writer, I vowed to avoid that kind of easy click bait and bandwagon jumping. Frankly, between the hate tubers and constant controversy every single day, I stand out more just being myself because the market for negativity is already flooded. Be the change you want to see and all that good stuff.

A peek behind the curtain: What to look for in a game reviewer.

I’ve seen some sentiments expressed by gamers around the web lately that prompted me to write this piece. A lot of gamers simply don’t trust reviewers these days, be they a big publication like IGN, a YouTuber, or a smaller writer like myself. I don’t blame them, there has been shady stuff in the past and money does, in fact, make the world go around.