10 New Game Releases [December 5th to December 11th]

Once again, I have found more than 10 worthwhile games releasing in one week, but for the sake of brevity and my own sanity, I’ve chosen to feature just 10 of them. Don’t fret, I’ve still included a small compilation of all the others at the end of the article and video.

Tetrogue Dragons Review: My Kind of Block Party

People think I’m crazy, but despite being called the perfect video game, I don’t actually like Tetris. There’s no puzzle game category on my website because when taken alone puzzles aren’t something I generally enjoy. A Tetris inspired deck building rogue-lite, on the other hand? Now you’re speaking my language, and Tetrogue Dragons is exactly that.

Startup Panic Review: Those are Rookie Numbers

The opening hours of Startup Panic were a bit surreal, painful, and interesting to experience as a lone self-employed Content Creator. It accurately represented the early days of my website. Alone in my house and slaving away to create something when nobody knew or cared who I was.

10 New Game Releases [November 28th to December 4th, 2020]

I thought I’d already covered this gaming season’s heaviest week in a previous list that contained 16 games. Apparently not. There are so many games releasing this week that I can’t feature them all. Fear not, I still have their names and dates listed at the end of the article and video.