Gideon Goes To Origins Game Fair 2021

If you don’t know, Origins is a large convention in Columbus Ohio that primarily focuses on Board Games and TTRPGS. My partner and I attended this year’s convention as Press. My feet hurt, my back hurts and I’m still tired, but it was totally worth it. I have every intention of going again next year.

Marvel Champions: Nebula Hero Pack Review

Nebula is a pretty close copy of her villainous side, right down to using the same names for cards. If you have ever battled against the Nebula villain, you know what a pain it can be for her to combo into multiple techniques. The good news is, now you can do the same, sort of.

Embr Review: Parachutes and Ladders

Embr manages to stand apart from most party games in two ways. For one it’s played from a first-person perspective, and secondly, it ain’t half bad as a single-player experience. That’s an achievement, not even granddaddy Overcooked can claim.

Sheltered 2 Review: Surviving Dumpster Diving

Sheltered 2 feels like an interesting combination of several other games. The Sims meets Rimworld with a healthy splash of Fallout Shelter and Oxygen Not Included. The result is something is that feels unique.