Last Oasis and the Survival Sandbox

The survival Sandbox may not be the trendy genre they once were, but there still exists a fanbase who really enjoy them, myself included. That said, they have traditionally come with a large number of issues. This has made some of them difficult for many players to enjoy.

Sea Of Thieves: One Year Later Review.

It has received several updates during that time, many of which are pretty game-changing. There has never been a better time to dawn a pirate hat than right now. Since Sea of Thieves is available to both Xbox One and PC via Xbox game pass and play anywhere.

Ark Survival Evolved Review: Dinosaurs and Bugs

This will be the weirdest review I’ve ever done. If you know about me, you know that survival games are some of my favorites. I have around a thousand or more hours in Ark. It is one of the buggiest, poorly optimized and unbalanced messes I’ve ever played. It is frustrating, time-consuming and rage inducing and many of its design decisions still baffle me today. Yet, it has also provided me with an amount of enjoyment and fun that no other game has ever matched.

Void Bastards Review: A Space to Die

Graphics aren’t a subject I usually focus much on these days. Frankly, there is very rarely an ugly game anymore. Yes, some look better than others, but overall I feel like graphics more than any other aspect of a game have the largest amount of diminishing returns on enjoyment. As long as they are of an acceptable level, all is well. However, I have to talk about the visuals of Void Bastards. They aren’t photorealistic, but they are incredible. Playing the game feels like walking through pages of a comic book and every aspect of the game oozes with that theme.