Space Otter Charlie Review: A Space Otterssey

I’m not usually the biggest fan of side-scrolling games, usually, because I don’t find the movement enjoyable. However that’s the very core of why I was Ottracted to Space Otter Charlie. There’s no walking at all, and you don’t jump, at least in the normal sense.

Curse of the Dead Gods Review

At a glance, Curse of the Dead Gods might seem similar to another popular rogue-lite game. Even I have been known to crack a joke or two about the game being Hades emo brother. However, while they certainly have a few things in common, Curse of the Dead Gods is very much its own game.

Fights in Tight Spaces: Early Access Review

Fights in Tight Spaces is a rogue-lite deck builder centered around unleashing copious amounts of whoop-ass in, you guessed it. Tight and confined spaces. The game features many genre staples such as random encounters, slowly altering your deck while you play, and permadeath.