Gears Tactics Review: A Cognitive Spin Off

Gears Tactics convinced me that pretty much every videogame IP should get the X-COM treatment. Halo, Death Stranding, The Elder Scrolls, all of it. It’s incredibly fascinating to take an existing game and watch all of its mechanics translate into a tactical turn-based version of itself.

Jupiter Hell Review: A Dance With Doom

Do you want to know one of my dirty little game reviewer secrets? I don’t like Doom, or games like Doom. The hyper-paced arcade-style shooting and gallons of gore aren’t my style. But take Doom and make it a tactical traditional roguelike. Then you have Jupiter Hell and my attention.

Pathfinder 2e’s Excessive Rules Make It Simple

Is the title an oxymoron? Yes. Am I also a moron? Debatable. But is my claim also true? I certainly think so. Let me explain why. Pathfinder 2e is a deep game with a bunch of rules, mechanics, and systems. Yet, the way they are implemented makes the game run incredibly smooth. If you use the tools it gives you correctly anyway.

King of Seas Review: Drink Up Me Hearties Oh NO!

King of Seas has an arcade feel to its gameplay, although you still need to manage your sails, wind direction and point the shooty bits of your cannons the right way. But you also wield magical skills that allow your ship to launch fireballs, summon sharks and fire laser beams using mysterious voodoo. You can also have your crew pee on the cannons to cool them off, yes, that is actually a skill.