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Marvel Champions Captain America Hero Pack Review

Captain America’s design puts him in the role of a jack of all trades, master-of-none place among the other heroes. That was probably the intention at least. The reality is Captain America is a jack of all trades and master of quite a few things too.

10 Games Releasing In July 2020

The summer months are traditionally pretty dry for video games, to my pleasant surprise, I had no trouble at all finding 10 games for my July 2020 list, there is a lot that has me personally excited this time around.

Waking Review: A Heartfelt Mess

Waking is heartwarmingly beautiful conceptually and incredibly unique. You play as yourself more intimately than nearly any other game. You are in a coma and fighting within your own mind to wake up instead of giving in to death. This is accomplished by delving into your psyche and Waking will ask you many questions about yourself as you play.

Marvel Champions Thor Hero Pack Review

Thor and his core cards put him into the role of a minion killer. Thor has low thwart but decent defense and attack that is further boosted by Mjolnir. His alter ego form, Odinson ensures his hammer is never out of reach for long.