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The Survivalists Review: Ape Escapist

The Survivalists is an adventure survival game set in the same universe as the Escapist games. After becoming stranded on a set of mysterious isles, you must build, craft, and survive while looking for a means of escape.

Marvel Champions: Wrecking Crew Scenario Review

Wrecking Crew is a scenario pack that pits you against four villains at once as they stage a prison break, well, kind of anyway. You do fight four villains at once, but only one is active at a time. Part of the scenario’s core mechanic is that the active villain swaps frequently and often in unpredictable patterns.

Waking Review: A Heartfelt Mess

Waking is heartwarmingly beautiful conceptually and incredibly unique. You play as yourself more intimately than nearly any other game. You are in a coma and fighting within your own mind to wake up instead of giving in to death. This is accomplished by delving into your psyche and Waking will ask you many questions about yourself as you play.