Unrailed Early Access Review: On Track

Unrailed falls into the same category as chaotic co-op games such as Overcooked, but the concept is incredibly unique. You must guide an increasingly faster train from station to station without letting it derail or crash. You accomplish this by cutting trees and mining rocks, both to clear a path and to use those resources to craft train tracks to forge the train’s route.

Noita Early Access Review: Noita Bad Game

There used to be several flash games called falling sand. They weren’t true games, they were closer to toys but they were still a ton of fun. They were physics-based and usually simulated various powders, liquids and gases and their effects on each other. Wood would burn, water would put out fires but the heat would turn it to steam for exampl

Volcanoids Steam Punk Spelunking

Volcanoids is an interesting concept, at a glance, it looks like a survival game, yet you won’t find any hunger or thirst bars here. If you die, you reload a save. Instead, it’s very much a progressive crafting game with a wonderful steampunk flavor, something I’d like to see more of in games.

Aground Early Access Analysis: Aiming For The Stars

Aground is a game that exceeded my expectations. The sheer amount of content vastly betrays its simplistic retro visuals. In fact, there is a whole lot about the game I don’t wish to spoil in this review as it would ruin some of the surprise. In any case, Aground also has a very generous Demo right on the developer’s website, or you can try the demo on Steam. (I’m not kidding, it has around 8 hours of content and you can transfer your saves.) I would advise every reader to check it out for themselves.

Early Access Look: Meeple Station

Meeple Station shares some similarities with RimWorld, which got my attention straight away. But Meeple Station is not a clone by any stretch of the imagination. You manage a station of Meeples, attempting to rein in as much profit as possible while keeping the crew happy and alive. Neither of which is easy to do.

Early Access Look: Moss Destruction

Aside from having a super cool company name, Shotgun With Glitters put Moss Destruction into early access back in September of 2018 and has been continually updating it ever since. Seriously though, that name. I went and chose Gideon’s Gaming for my site when I could have had something like that…so much regret…..